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Leadership Coaching and Career Management

  • Understanding your Style and Building Self Awareness

  • Conflict Competence

  • Managing Change

  • Thriving under Stress

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Developing your Team

Meet Karen Jo (KJ) Shapiro, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Coach & Facilitator

As a psychologist, coach and facilitator, I have spent thousands of hours over 24 years working with individual clients, facilitating workshops, debriefing assessment tools, reading/listening to resources on leadership, attending trainings, meditating, becoming involved in professional development groups, and creating resources for others. I am here to help you become even better at what you do well, and to meet challenges with knowledge and effectiveness.


What I Specialize In

Leadership Coaching



Professional Facilitations

Team Retreats

“Karen Jo had an incredible, open, and enthusiastic energy. She was really well prepared and has a great memory for detail. She offered some great concrete ideas to move me forward. Couldn’t have gone better!”

-Vice president, Time Warner Cable

"Karen Jo was amazing and incredibly insightful. She had solid understanding of my profile and the tendencies that come with it. She had ideas and thoughts about how to approach and guide my goals. She also took the time to really dig in to the self care aspect of my goal planning which is exactly where I needed the focus."

- Director, US Tower

“Karen Jo understood the complexity of the organization and was effective in guiding me in improvement areas and techniques in alignment with that complexity. Balancing work/life was surfaced as an important aspect of my improvement and much discussion ensued over that issue. Great feedback and guidance without overtly suggesting specifics. ”

-Marketing director, Electronic company

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